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What do these different fields mean?

Feedback: 1590 customer feedbacks were given over the period from July 9, 2019 to August 9, 2019

Average score: 8.9: The average note is the average of all the note received by your customers when they answer to the customer feedback survey from July 9, 2019 to August 9, 2019.

NPS: 65: To compute the NPS, we used the classical methodology :
Customers who give a score of 6 or below are Detractors, a score of 7 or 8 are called Passives, and a score of 9 or 10 are Promoters.
To calculate the Net Promoter Score, we subtract the percentage of Detractors from the percentage of Promoters. So, if 50% of respondents were Promoters and 10% were Detractors, your Net Promoter is a score of 40.

Happy / unhappy graphic: Shows the percentage of customers who indicated a positive versus negative delivery experience (thumbs up versus thumbs down)

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