This article covers the following topics:

  1. How it works
  2. What we do

1. How it works

It's time to install Shipup, but I will first explain to you how Shipup works so you have a better idea of what installing Shipup means. 

To be able to track your packages in real time we need to get your tracking numbers so we can fetch data from shipping carriers. After that, we clean it and analyze it to send or display the right information automatically at the right moment at your customer (or at your user support). 

2. What we do

We fetch new packages of the last seven days every hour.

There are 3 ways to integrate it:

  • Integration by FTP - More information here
  • Integration by API - More information here
  • Through one of the integration modules we have : Go to Configuration> Apps> Click on + (top right)

After selecting the module, follow the documentation:

⚠️Data recovery may take a few minutes.
Once synchronization is complete, in the Orders view, you can view all of your packages and multi-packages.

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