Notifications sent by Shipup have an average open rate of 60%. Thanks to the promotional banner integrated in our emails, you will be able to put this attention in the service of your post-purchase marketing strategy. You have to keep in mind that you are talking to customers who have just bought and adapted the communication in function.

There are 3 different templates:

  • main
  • incident
  • delivery

You can add a promo banner for main and delivery but we suggest you use the "incident banner" for the incident template. On the incident template, you can disable the display of the "promo" banner and enable the incident banner


Upload a promo banner

  • go on the email template editor
  • click on "content"
  • upload an image (png , jpeg, jpg)
  • attach a banner link
  • adjust width to optimize mobile rendering
  • save the template

The recommended format is jpeg for a single image or png 24 to be able to play with the transparency effect.
The width of the email is 600 pixels

Do not forget to save the template, otherwise all your efforts will be lost.

Warning: when you save a template and the sending of notifications is already active, the template change is immediate. There is no draft mode.

In need of inspiration?

Below are a number of examples of how Shipup notifications are used.

To find a suitable message, you need to ask yourself:

"I have the attention of my client who is waiting for his/her package, what do I want to tell him/her - make him/her do?"

CTA to subscribe to a Newsletter or a contest on Instagram

redirection to social networks

Next step : Add an incident banner for a calmer customer relationship 💤

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