By default the wording (subject of the email, title of the email and body of the email) of our notifications is pre-filled and works. 

Nevertheless, for each notification you can decide to modify the wording to transcribe the tone of the brand, explain and suggest proactive solutions.

Transcribe the tone of the brand :

Use emojis, write a poem .... You can use the <br> tag to create line breaks.                  You can also apply variables within the email using {{}}.                                                  

You will find the list of variables available here.

You can also change the name of the sender here.

It is possible to incorporate HTML code to customize all your notifications.

Suggest explanations or proactive solutions:

  • Offer a discount code for a late package
  • Explain what happens when a package is returned
  • Explain what to do when receiving a package that the carrier reported as damaged and if possible the probable causes of this notification by the carrier.
  • When the package is lost or in return, explain that  customer service is already working on returning the package and that the customer should receive a call / email when the package will be shipped again.
  • Explain where to find advice for the first use of the product after the package has been delivered. Precautions to take when opening the package ...
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