The incident banner works like the promo banner but for incidents. 

By default, the incident banner is disabled
Don't forget to disable the display of the promo banner and enable the display of the incident banner in the "incident template"

Option 1 : Inform the customers, reassure them but do not invite them to contact you

The effect on customer satisfaction is lower but it saves you an increase in the number of contacts.

Here's how to disable / enable the incident banner

To modify an incident banner, just go on:

  1. The email template editor
  2. Upload an image
  3. If desired, attach a redirection link
  4. Adjust the width to optimize the mobile rendering

The recommended format is jpeg for a single image or png 24 to be able to play with the transparency effect.

Option 2 : Highlight your availability

You can decide to inform the customer and give him the opportunity to contact you. In this case, you improve your customer satisfaction but this can result in a slight increase in after-sales contact. 

It works in the exact same way as the promo banner but it must be adapted to the incident banner. 

Here you will find design ideas for incidents cases

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