I. How to connect your Prestashop to your Shipup account

Shipup works with versions 1.4,1.5, 1.6, and 1.7 of Prestashop and takes 5 minutes to install thanks to a module. It is necessary that you trace back your parcel numbers well in Prestashop.

To install Shipup, you will need your administrator rights and you will have to install the module adapted to your Prestashop version. This module does not modify your Prestashop in any way. It is limited to reading new orders from the last 7 days.

You can click here to start the integration and download the adapted module.

Do not forget to click on 'Done' on the top right corner to get to the next step 

The following steps of the integration are explained in the video

Step 1: Install the module

Step 2 : connect the module to Shipup with an API key

And voila!

II. Troubleshooting Prestashop app installation

Should you encounter any error during the installation of Shipup's Prestashop app, below you'll find a few steps that might help to get back on the right track.

1. I uploaded Shipup module but can't find it in my module list

Please make sure that all module filters are turned off. If you're filtering only the installed module, you won't be able to find our yet uninstalled module.

Please also make sure that the module you upload has the exact filename "shipup.zip". If you downloaded several modules and have a "shipup (1).zip" filename, the installation won't work.

2. Invalid url error

Make sure that the url you're sending is the main url of your store and not one that redirects to your store. Basic syntax errors such as forgetting the "www" part of the url or using "http://" instead of "https://" might be the reason of the error. A good way to find this url is to visit your store home page and copy the url in the navigation bar.

Also, the root of the store should be sent, please do not include any custom route:

good:  https://www.mystore.com

bad: https://mystore.com/admin, http://mystore.com/soap

3. Invalid API key or url error

Please make sure you created the webservice key and correctly copy/pasted it.

4. I successfully created my app but don't see any package imported

Shipup will only import your packages once per hour (plus once at app creation) and will only import orders where a tracking number can be found and matches one of your selected carriers (you can choose your selected carriers in the company settings part of Shipup).

If the above steps didn't fix your problem, feel free to contact us by email or chat

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