Embed using Shipup JS

The integration via our Shipup JS library involves creating a page and adding a script on this page.

  • The technical documentation of the integration is available here.
  • If you work with an agency you can send them this message:

"You will find the technical documentation for the integration of the tracking page here.


and the technical configuration of the tracking page here:


The page must be hosted on the subdomain https://my-shop.com/trackingpage

The API key to plug Shipup is available by clicking here"

They will need your credentials to log in to Shipup.

By clicking on it, your public key on Shipup API will appear.


You can integrate the tracking page into your customer account, or the order confirmation email by using the variables of identification 'package number + email address' in the URL.

For more information, refer to our technical doc or ask by chat / email.

Click here if you prefer to set-up the tracking page hosted by Shipup

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