1/ The package should have arrived, according to the carrier's promise, however there is no trace of it being delivered to the customer.

The package is therefore still in transit, or the information hasn't been given by the carrier. It can also be a lost package (in which case, it changes into "no tracking update). 


2/ In case of a "late package", get in touch with your customer, do not leave him / her without explanation. 

Once you have information about why the package is late, let your customer know, then explain the possible solutions:
The customer can refuse the delivery or wait a little longer. The importance of the delay will sometimes justify a commercial gesture on your part:


3/ Here is a message you can send: 

Title :

"Your package {{company.name}} will be delivered shortly!"

Body :

"Hello {{tracker.first_name}},  {{carrier.name}} should have delivered your package today but it seems it is still in transit. We are doing the best we can to deliver it as quickly as possible. However, if you prefer to refuse the delivery, let us know and we will refund you."

"Hello {{tracker.first_name}}, {{carrier.name}}, it seems your package is a little late. If within 2 working days you still have not received your package, please contact our support by replying to this email so that we can find a solution together."

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