1/ "No tracking update" means that the carrier has not given news on the package for quite some time.

For each carrier, you can define the number of business days (mon-fri) without any shipping event before we send this notification.


2/ In case of "no tracking update", we recommend that you only notify our customer service. 

It gives you time to find the probable causes of the "no tracking update" and act upon it. As soon as you know why there is a "no tracking update", contact your customer with information and next steps and open an investigation (if you have Zendesk, set up the ticket creation and tracking with your customer service).


3/ Here is a message you can write to your customer service:

  • Title :

"No tracking update - cause: unknown"

  • Body : 

"No news from this package for 5 days, probable cause :
 - damaged labelling

- lost package

- tracking issues 

To do:

- contact shipping carrier to find the cause

- offer free express delivery for customer's next purchase

- create a follow up task in 2 days and check if package was delivered"


4 / Templates you can use when you found the cause :

Damaged label :

  • Title

"Your package is late due to a damaged label"

  • Body :  

"Hello {{tracker.first_name}}, {{carrier.name}} just indicated that your package's label was damaged in transit and unable to be read. Not to worry {{tracker.first_name}}, we are taking actions to deliver it to you very quickly."


Shipping not updated properly => delivered but not updated

There is nothing to do at this point rather than contact carriers at the end of the month to upper their service on that particular point.


Computing bug from carrier

Same as above


Packaged got out of the sorting process

Click here in case of package lost

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