1/ "Package at wrong pickup point" puts the client in a difficult situation as some points of withdrawal can be very far from the one that was planned. 


2/ In this case, you should suggest to your customer to refuse delivery and proceed to a refund.

If your customer is ready to make the trip, think of a commercial gesture to show him your gratitude, e.g. "free delivery at home for your next purchase".


3/ Here is a message your can send to your customer :

  • Title :

"Your package arrived at the wrong pickup point"

  • Body :

 "Hello {{tracker.first_name}},  {{carrier.name}} delivered your {{company.name}} package at the wrong pickup point. We understand that it might be difficult for you to access this pickup point. Please, if you wish to proceed to a return & a refund, let us know by responding to this email."


  • Titre :

"Votre colis est arrivé au mauvais point de retrait"

  • Corps:

  "Bonjour {{tracker.first_name}}, {{carrier.name}} a livré votre colis {{company.name}} au mauvais point de retrait. Nous comprenons qu'il pourrait vous être difficile d'accéder à ce point de retrait. Si vous souhaitez procéder à un retour et un remboursement, faites-le nous savoir en répondant à cet e-mail. "

In 99% of the case, the customer won't ask for a refund but he will be grateful that you pro-actively made the gesture.

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