1/ The notification "package lost" means that your carrier lost track of the package and it cannot be delivered to your customer.

 If you are resenting the idea of resending products to fraudulent customers, remember that 99% of customers are in good faith, and that the loss of the package is also reported by the carrier. It is therefore a true marketing investment that will allow you to pleasantly surprise your client.


2/ When a package is lost, it must be re-sent or refunded. 

You might as well do it proactively by calling the customer or sending them an email. A phone call rather than an email to exchange with the customer on the next steps can be a good idea, they will most likely feel more appreciated and the issue will be resolved quicker.
Give your customer the choice : 

  • have a refund or wait while you send another product

In both cases, a commercial gesture would be greatly appreciated.


3 / Here is a message you can send:

  • Title : 

"We're doing everything we can to retrieve your package"

  • Body :

"Hello {{tracker.first_name}},  {{carrier.name}} informed us that your {{company.name}} package got lost likely during sorting process . We are very sorry! Please let us know via this email if you wish to proceed to a refund or if you would like to wait while we send you a new product. You can call us at 'xxxxxxx' or respond to this email."

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