1/ "Awaiting information from addressee" means that your carrier is missing information from your client, necessary for the delivery.


2/ In this case, contact your clients to let them know you need more information on their part.

Don't hesitate to trigger them with the push button 'track my package' to get them to take action.


3/ Here is a message you can send to your customer :

  • Title :

"Your package needs you!"

  • Body : 

"Hello {{tracker.first_name}}, {{carrier.name}} is awaiting information from you in order to deliver your {{company.name}} package. You can reach out to them via your online tracking page: click "Track my package" below. Don't forget to reach out, otherwise we will not be able to deliver your package." 


  • Titre :

"Votre paquet a besoin de vous!"

  • Corps:

"Bonjour {{tracker.first_name}}, {{carrier.name}} attends des informations de votre part afin de pouvoir livrer votre colis {{company.name}} Vous pouvez les contacter via votre page de suivi en ligne: cliquez sur" Suivre mon colis "ci-dessous. Si vous ne le faites pas, nous ne serons pas en mesure de livrer votre colis."

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