1/ There are different reasons why the delivery could have failed:

 Absent customer, address issue... This is not your fault, it may even be the customer who did not do what was necessary to receive the product. Nevertheless, you will do everything for the "re-delivery" to go smoothly. 


2/ You need to let your customer service know about this notification so they can keep an eye on the situation. 


3/ What to say to your customer service :

  • Title :

"Delivery failed - reason: xxxx"

  • Body : 

"Delivery failed,
Cause : xxxxx

To do (depending on the reason) :

- contact shipping carrier
- offer free express delivery for customer's next purchase
- refund customer
- send the product again"

  • Priority : urgent


  • Titre :

"La livraison a échoué - raison: xxxx"

  • Corps du texte:

"La livraison a échoué,
Cause: xxxxx

A faire (selon la raison):

- contacter le transporteur
- offrir une livraison express gratuite pour le prochain achat du client
- ou rembourser le client
- envoyer un nouveau produit "

Priorité: urgent

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