1. When there is a notification "package damaged" it doesn't mean the product is damaged. 

Your customer needs to check that the product is in good condition as soon as it arrives to its destination.

2/ When a carrier lets you know a package is damaged, you need to contact your customer service ASAP.

 Let them know about the issue so they can engage with your customer, and if the product is damaged, they can act quickly and send a new one over or make a refund according to the customer's wish.


3/ What to say to your customer service : 

  • Title :

"Package damaged"

  • Body : 

Package damaged during delivery,
To do:

- contact client to follow up on the quality of the product

If product is damaged:

- send a new one in express delivery
- OR
- propose to refund and return the product

  • Priority : high


  • Titre :

"colis endommagé"

  • Corps:

"Colis endommagé pendant la livraison,
A faire:

- contacter le client pour suivre la qualité du produit

Si le produit est endommagé:

- envoyer un nouveau produit en livraison express
- OU
- proposer de rembourser et retourner le produit

  • Priorité: haute
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