1/ The notification "package lost" means that your carrier lost track of the package and it cannot be delivered to your customer. 

If you are resenting the idea of resending products to fraudulent customers. It is a true marketing investment that will allow you to pleasantly surprise your client.


2/ When a package is lost, it must be re-sent or refunded. 

Your customer service needs to proactively contact your customer to proceed according to the customer's wish. 


3/ What to write in the ticket to your customer service : 

  • Title :

"Package lost"

  • Body : 

"Package has been lost during delivery,
To do:
propose to the client: 

- to send a new product in express delivery
- to get a refund on the product"

  • Priority : urgent


  • Titre :

"Colis perdu"

  • Corps du texte:

"Le colis a été perdu pendant la livraison,
A faire:
proposer au client:

- d'envoyer un nouveau produit en livraison express
- de procéder à un remboursement du produit"

  • Priorité: urgent

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