1/ "Package at wrong pickup point" puts the client in a difficult situation as some points of withdrawal can be very far from the one that was planned. 


2/ Your customer service should suggest to your customer to refuse delivery and proceed to a refund.

 If the client is keen to pick it up, think of offering a discount for the disagreement.


3/ What to say to your customer service :

  • Title :

"Package at wrong pickup point" 

  • Body : 

"Package sent at wrong pickup point
probable cause : 

- closed pickup point

To do:

- contact client to propose to return and refund their purchase
- offer a discount in case the client goes to the pickup point to pick it up

  • Priority : Medium


  • Titre :

"Package at wrong pickup point" 

  • Corps du texte : 

"Colis envoyé au mauvais point de retrait
Cause probable : 

- Point de retrait fermé 

A faire:

- contacter le client pour lui proposer de retourner son colis et le rembourser
- offrir un discount au cas ou le client vienne le récupérer au point de retrait

  • Priorité : urgent
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