To see how your customers engagement through their Shipup utilisation, you can create custom campaigns with UTMs.

An UTM (Urchin Tracking Model) enables you to track your customer through a simple URL source. With Google Analytics you can collect information about the overall efficacy of your campaign.

You can easily create those UTM on this link :, and fill it according to :

  • the website URL
  • the campaign source (shipup)
  • the campaign medium (email_promobanner, trackingpage_social…)
  • the campaign name

At the end you will have a new URL source :

Those trackers are very useful to understand your customers' use of Shipup at different steps of their experience : 

  • for your tracking page : you can remplace the existing URL in the setting menu by the one created. 
  • for feedbacks, you can remplace the existing URLs by the new ones in the setting menu.

With the new URLs, you can see if your customers open the survey link sent once they receive their package. 

In addition with Shipup's statistics, you will find further information on Google Analytics (Acquisition >> Source/Support) to categorize your customers' use. 

UTM is a very practical tool to understand and improve your digital marketing !

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