1. Integration start here: https://app.shipup.co/apps/new/magento
  2. Click on the " + " on the top right of the screen
  3. Select "Magento 2"
  4. Enter your Website url
  5. Find your Access Token
  • In Magento, go to System > Integrations
  • Click on "Add New Integration"
  • Put "Shipup" in the name field and your password at the bottom
  • Click on the API tab (on the left) and select those 2 resources:Sales > Operations > Orders > Actions > ViewSales > Operations > Shipments
  • Click Save. It will take you back to the integration list. Click on "Authorize" on the new integration line. Click validate on the next page and you'll be provided 4 API keys. Your "Access Token" is the 3rd one

   6. Click on "Connect"

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