I. Integration

  1. Integration start here: https://app.shipup.co/apps/new/magento
  2. Click on the " + " on the top right of the screen
  3. Select "Magento 2"
  4. Enter your Website url
  5. Find your Access Token
  • In Magento, go to System > Integrations
  • Click on "Add New Integration"
  • Put "Shipup" in the name field and your password at the bottom
  • Click on the API tab (on the left) and select those 2 resources:Sales > Operations > Orders > Actions > ViewSales > Operations > Shipments
  • Click Save. It will take you back to the integration list. Click on "Authorize" on the new integration line. Click validate on the next page and you'll be provided 4 API keys. Your "Access Token" is the 3rd one

   6. Click on "Connect"

II. Troubleshooting Magento app installation

Should you encounter any error during the installation of Shipup's Magento app, you'll find below a few steps that might help getting back on the right track.

1. Invalid url error

Make sure that the url you're sending is the main url of your store and not one that redirects to your store. Basic syntax errors such as forgetting the "www" part of the url or using "http://" instead of "https://" might be the reason of the error.

Also, the root of the store should be sent, please do not include any custom route:

good:  https://www.mystore.com

bad: https://mystore.com/admin, http://mystore.com/soap

2. Invalid API key or url error

Please make sure you created the webservice role and user with the correct info, and that you correctly linked the role to the user.

3. I successfully created my app but don't see any package imported

Please verify that the store id provided is the one your orders are registered on. Shipup will only import your packages once per hour (plus once at app creation) and will only import orders where a tracking number can be found (tracking numbers need to be added in the "shipment" tab of the order").

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