To manage users access, it's super easy !
Just go to your general settings> "Users" section or click here

Add a new user:

Click on "Add a user", the following window appears. When you enter the employee's email address, the employee receives an email inviting him to add a password.

Two types of status are available:

  1. Administrator: Has a complete view of the Shipup account. He can :
  • Create / delete new users
  • Have a global vision on all the other Shipup users. A read-only person will not have access to the list of other users.

2. Read only: Do not have access to Shipup configuration information

Add a user to several accounts

Do you have users who need access to all of your Shipup accounts?

For now you cannot use the same e-mail address for all your Shipup accounts but there is a simple way to handle it: You just need to add a suffix with a "+".
Here is an example :

💡For security reasons, do not forget to delete a user account when he leaves your company by clicking on the trash can icon next to his email address.

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