Use cases

  • Multi-languages stores
  • Professional + personal stores

Shopify, Magento, Prestashop integration

1 - Go on App

2 - Enter the URL of your shop and its name and click "connect"

3 - You will thus find all the shops connected

4 - In the case of several languages, it is important to select in the Settings the languages to manage

5 - Wordings : Customize the default wording in each language in order to highlight your values and/or custom messages

6 - Templates : The content can be specific to each language and must be configured in the languages used
⚠️  Attention : the default templates must be edited HERE otherwise the default language will be applied instead of the language associated with the shop

API or FTP implementation

1 / The filed "order.language_code" can indicate us the language to display (languages available THERE).
If this filed is empty, we will use "shipping_address.country_code" or "company.default_language"

2/ Follow the steps 4, 5 et 6 above mentionned for the languages settings, notifications and tracking page.

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