This feature allows you to filter some notifications sent by carriers and thus avoid sending redundant delivery information.

This article focuses on the following topics:

  1. What is the utility of the carrier notification filter?
  2. How do you activate the carrier notification filter?

1. What is the utility of the carrier notification filter?

Some carriers already send notifications to your customers to give them information about the delivery. They also send notifications to propose a customer to make a choice about delivery slots or delivery options (for example, "Do you want your package to be delivered again tomorrow or would you prefer to pick it up at a local post office in the next few days?").

When you start enabling Shipup notifications, you may find that some carrier notifications are redundant with Shipup notifications. If some of them are therefore no longer relevant to be sent, other carrier notifications such as "Here is your locker code" are important and should not be blocked. This is why all carrier notifications are not blocked by default on Shipup.

This feature, exclusive to the Pro package, allows you to filter these emails. You choose which notifications you want to block and which ones you want to keep sending because they include important information that is not available in Shipup emails (e.g. the choice of a delivery date).

2. How do you activate the carrier notification filter?

  • Contact Shipup

Check if you are on a Pro package or contact the Shipup team to activate this feature.

  • Read the technical documentation here

In order to filter the tracking e-mails from the carriers, Shipup provides a way to tokenize the e-mail addresses of your customers. You forward these tokenized e-mail addresses to your logistician/carrier instead of the real e-mail address of your online buyers. Thus, when a carrier sends a tracking email to these tokenized addresses, it is received on Shipup servers and not sent directly to your online buyers. According to the settings you have made in your Shipup account, this tracking email is then automatically transferred to your online buyers or blocked.

All the steps to follow can be found here.

  • Select the emails to be blocked on the Shipup interface

Once you have tokenized the carrier emails, you will be able to select à la carte in Shipup the notifications you wish to block. Go to notifications then carrier notifications or click here.

You can see all available notifications by carrier by clicking on their preview.

There are 3 different different tags for each notification:

  • Info: the notification provides delivery information that does not require interaction with the customer. If these notifications do not also have the tag "available in Shipup", we recommend that you do not block them.
  • Available in Shipup: the notification exists in Shipup. Therefore, we recommend that you block this type of notification.
  • Interactive: the notification provides delivery information that is requiring interaction with the customer. We recommend that you do not block these notifications.

For each carrier, select the notifications you want to filter by selecting "Pass" or "Block".

After doing this for each of your carriers, your customers will no longer receive redundant delivery information.

⚠️ Attention ⚠️ As a reminder, carrier filtering is not retroactive. It will be done for the next orders imported on Shipup.

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